Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lil Stinker

Devon (my work) host a Spooktacular event for the Devon employees and their families each year. With the 1,000 Devon employees downtown, it can get quite hectic because all events are in the Chase Building on 10 different floors. However this year it was way more organized and they had the Chase lobby decked out with fun balloon decorations (a huge spider) cookies, drinks and a DJ for the families to enjoy. My lil stinker was focused on one thing... SUCKERS! He would keep the head piece on, IF he had a sucker. He is my little stinker and my little sugar phene. I was hoping he would be digging in the buckets for candy, but no as usual, he was the observant skunk just watching everyone. So I scooped up candy for uuumm John and I :) I felt kinda weird but someone had to take the candy! And to my surprise he wasn't on a sugar high, he passed out in the car on the way home and then took a 30 minute power nap once we got home. Ben cracks me up, he LOVES to watch everyone and is so content in doing so... he is such a calm boy! (probably going to regret saying those words)

I'm gonna spray you!!

Cooling off on the tile floor.

The ONE family photo with Ben looking

I can't see anything but the SUCKER!!

Enjoying more sugar

Pre-trick or treating in mom's cube

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