Saturday, August 20, 2011

My best friend

Ever since Ben started at Ms. Rose's, he has been attached to Jacob. As Ben puts it " he's my best friend". Ben doesn't know it yet, but Jacob started kindergarten this year :( my babe will be heart broken his BFF won't be at Rose's all day. Jacob's sister, Iyla, is Ben's age and had her party a few weekends back. I loved getting to see Ben with all his friends from "school", they are all such sweet good kids. We are so so thankful we found Rose, couldn't ask for a better daycare!

2 peas in a pod!

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Return to Cali

Mommy took a trip, by herself. I'm so lucky to be able to travel solo, sometimes it's needed. Thankfully I have friends in fun places to visit, Boston and this year Santa Monica. I went to see Gesell, my BFF since 3rd grade, so lucky to have her in my life! The trip went so fast with shopping, walking, shopping, beach time, and holy moly our wine tour in Santa Barbara. We got rowdy, our tour guide didn't know what he was in for! I will keep our memories to myself, no need to embarrass ourselves :) it was a much needed break from reality for both of us, miss my friend and wish she'd come back home! But until she does, I can always go visit sunny Socal.
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First stop... Calm and quiet

2nd stop... My fav tasting room

Ha-ha-ha we are so funny

Time to leave wine country but not before some off roading, we were covered in dirt when we got home

Just like ole times... Gesell and Phillips!