Thursday, January 26, 2012

OSU basketball

Ben attended his 1st OSU basketball game. And what a game he got to see... who knew the Cowboys could knock off the #2 team?!  I had gotten free tickets from work and honestly I needed a night to get in bed by 8, so John thankfully took Ben with him and let me have a night of resting. Apparently Ben had the time of his life - cheering, clapping and yelling O-S-U with everyone.  We have read many books on OSU, so he is fully aware of Pistol Pete, GO POKES, O-S-U, etc.  He has been requesting to watch basketball at night when he goes to bed, so I knew he'd love a life action game.  When they were getting ready to leave I asked Ben - "you know who will be there?" and Ben says "Nate?!" (his uncle)... no silly, not what I was going for...Pistol Pete.  He then asked where the dutch star was (name of my parents RV), poor guy was so confused, he thought he was going up for a tailgate :) 

Break for cheez-it time
Come on Cowboys, don't let me down
Ben and Daddy game night

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

25 weeks

Past the half way mark and.....
~ Natalee is a big time mover, way more than I remember with Ben
~ Feeling pretty good. Have to take a pepcid morning and night or else my throat is in a burning hell
~ Natalee feels really low
~ As before, we love cream cheese. This phase is plain cream cheese with cinnanmon bagels. Delicious!
~ Most active at night.  Dad got to see and feel you having a party at 23 weeks. I was sick as a dog and the Robitussin got the party started for you.
~ At 23 weeks u/s,  you weighed in at 1.1 lbs and measured 100% healthy and right on track for May 1st due date. Doctor scared us while looking at you, he kept zooming in on your heart and just watching it.  His exact words were "this is a textbook scan and what us doctors dream of, this is too fun"... Apparently you have quite the amazing heart!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo Shoot ~ Winter 2011

One of my BFF's, Lindsay McDaniel,took our family pictures.... in November. Late post, I know :) Lindsay did a FANTASTIC job!! She is quite the talented photographer and I highly recommend her! I can't decide which pictures to print off - too many to choose from. With the help of Skittles, bribery can go a long way for a 3 yr old while getting pictures :)