Sunday, October 30, 2011


We attempted a night out to the OSU homecoming walkarounds.... it was PACKED! I hadn't been to a walk arounds since my days spent pomping all hours of the night, I don't remember it being that crowded.  Our 1st stop (and only stop) was the Delt house carnival.  Ben had a hayday on the spinning ride, I can't wait until he is old enough to ride the tilt-a-whirl. He is gonna love it! Ben is a spinner, spins all the time and came home last week from daycare with a black eye, a result of spinning into a play pin. We left the carinval and weaved our way through the mass of people to see a view more house decs.  Truely amazing what creativity, chicken wire and tissue paper can create!
having the time of his life!

"i'm spinning daddy... i'm spinning" as he holds on for dear life

It was fun to watch daddy try to get out :)

Here I come....

on the belly slide!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Space Ben

Ok, I feel like a human again and going to try to actually do things, like blog :)  The past 7 weeks were HELL. Not going to sugar coat it, I was in a bad bad place stuck in bed and had zero interest to do anything. Finally, I can say I feel GOOD.... I ran errands all day today, such a nice feeling to not be gagging while trying to browse Target. 
After serving my time on jury duty Monday and Tuesday (wow... that was interesting, convicted this thug and gave her 7 years, who knew we had to decide the time in prison, I did not!) Thursday was Devon's Halloween Spooktacular! This year, thanks to Grandma Sandy, Ben was "space boy" or "space ben". I finished the look with the purchase of some snow boots, I mean space boots.  After trick or treating on one floor, Ben got his sucker and was "all done". WHAT?! Mom needs more candy! "I don't want anymore candy!".  Crazy kid.... we continued to other floors and scored candy for me :)
I am actually finding my nikon and taking pictures tonight in Stillwater for walk-arounds.  I've been slacking for long enough!
Rumble made surprise appearance!

Ben and Iyla

Catching up on some work at mom's office

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Brother

Not talking about the show but the fact that Ben is going to be a big brother come May 1st!!!!  Baby Forrest completely took us by surprise, not that we weren't trying but there were no fertility pills involved and lets just say it doesn't take but one time for a baby to be conceived :)  The specialist was planning on running further tests, but obviously that wasn't needed.  John and I were, to say the least, in complete shock when the test turned positive, trying for nearly 2 years, the only times we got pregnant, it was on fertility pills.  Of course, the anxiety of losing this baby set in and the past 8 weeks have been extremely stressful.  However, the fact that I've been stuck in my bed dealing with this outrageous case of morning/day/night sickness has let me know I was still pregnant.  I didn't know if I was going to make it to work each day, I seriously thought I'm going to have to quit.   I thought I was "sick" with Ben - not even close.  These pregnancies so far are night and day. I start my 12th week tomorrow and REALLY hoping it goes away by next week!  John has really stepped up to the plate and took over for me... oh and has been getting me whatever food sounds good at the moment :) Ben couldn't be any sweeter - laying in bed with me, giving me kisses when I felt so horrible and is so excited for "the baby in mommy's belly".  (which he thinks is in my belly button!) So far my craving and dislikes have been....(I need to write this down now or I'll forget)

Cravings: *some of these lasted a week and I moved onto the next weekly addiction
Fruit, fruit,and more fruit
Glazed chicken lean cuisine
Carrot sticks with veggie dip
Baked Lays
Taco Bueno... or as Ben says "Mom we got your Taco Beano"
Ramen noodles
Jalapeno cheetos
Crackers, pita chips, pretzels (didn't want these by choice)

Barf tendencies:
Ice cream :(
Gray walls... I can't explain it but I made John repaint walls in our house
Scented laundry detergent
Fruit scented hand soaps
I'm sure John could add just a few more to this list :)

So far we've had 3 ultrasound and each appointment I about give myself a heart attack from anxiety, thankfully each time we got to see the bambino growing and growing! Heartrate has been from 177-182 and due date was 5-5-12, then 5-3-12 and now back to the calendar due date of 5-1-12!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Super Ben is 3!

Another year for the record books for the Beano.  We celebrated the big 0-3 with a super hero party at our house on a gorgeous Saturday morning, couldn't have asked for better weather.  In fact, we moved the party outside to the back porch! I'm pretty sure Ben was in heaven with all this friends and family at his house to celebrate his birthday.  He loves to have guests over, such a people person he is. 
Quick stats to report:
Weight: 32 lbs
Height: 38.5
And now for the party pics.... a huge thanks to Lindsay McDaniel for capturing the day!

My mom (Noni) made capes for all the super heros

I let Ben pick out his shirt... Thunder jersey... surprise, surprise. Time to get that 3T :)

Ben and his BFF Jacob

"to the rescue...."

Hit of the party... Rocket launcher from Uncle Seth and Aunt Ryan

We captured all the super heroes at once!