Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sam and Henry Forrest

On July 24th my twin nephews came into this world at only 22 weeks, completely unexpected and left the entire family in shock. Henry Franklin was born first at 1lb 2 oz and his brother Samuel Michael followed at 1lb 4 oz. Henry being the smaller and first out just didn't have enough energy to fight and passed away Sunday morning. Sam I am is not giving up and remains very active in his new home in the NICU. 5 days later, Sam is beating the 2-5% he was given to live, and is doing very well for his situation. There is a long road ahead for Julie, Peter and Sam. Today Henry was laid to rest in a very peaceful service, giving his mom and dad closure. I can't imagine all the emotions they are going through, but both are remaining very strong and positive for their little man Sam. Please send all the positive thoughts to Peter, Julie and Sam... Sam you are so little but gonna overcome all this and once you do, Ben is waiting to teach you all his wise tricks... especially how to perfect the tricking of your parents and become ornery :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Head bang

Ben being his usual self running all over, had a head on collision with my dad's tailgate last night. John, my mom and myself all saw it happen in slow motion... Ben literally smacked straight into the tailgate, bounced off and hit the ground :( Sad sad baby. Thankfully the bleeding stopped and the knot isn't too bad. Poor guy had to have quite the headache last night. Didn't stop him from conquering his new play gym that we got from my boss... gotta love the hand-me-downs!
Just a small little knick in the forehead

"oopppin du-or"

Storing his mower and weedeater inside

Heaven for Ben!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hard work

Ben was daddy's yard assistance last night, someone was very dirty from all the work.....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 4th

So I'm a little behind on pictures from the 4th, I've had a nasty cold or allergies, something that totally wiped all energy I had and put me in bed. The 4th I was in and out of bed napping, but finally bounced back around 7pm ready for fireworks. This was Ben's first year to hear and see them, I think he would have been okay not doing either :) His uncles and daddy were setting them off right in front of us in my parent's front yard. Ben got very worried and scared, we would cover his face with the sweatshirt, but he would peak out trying to see sssooo... my brilliant mom grabbed the music headphones and it solved Beano's dilemma of wanting to see the fireworks yet be shielded from the "booms". Problem solved and soon after he was tuckered out and asleep for the night.
Practicing mowing on Pa's Cub Cadet

Who needs swimming you got puddles everywhere on the 4th!

Fireworks dream team... John with my brothers Nathan & Seth

I'm not sure about this Grammie....

"Oldies puttin me sleep"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ben's date night

Saturday we had grand plans to go swimming and cook out with great friends, that sure didn't happen. So instead Grammie, Pa and Grandma Duncan came over for lunch and Ben loved it, he got to perform and get his energy out with his vistors. Gave mom and dad a break :) Saturday night we went over for Ben's date night with Reese Ridenour. Kelly and Kyle moved into their new house, which was fabulous for the kids to run around in. Ben and Reese's 1st date went well, they shared crackers, he poured her tea and they played hide and seek - match made in heaven :) And by 9:30, the date was over and we said night night to Reese. It was great to go over to their house, we could enjoy some adult beverages and the kids entertained each other and mostly entertained us!

2 sweetie pies in buckets!
Everybody loves a slinky

I wanna give you sugars Ben....she got denied!

Here my lady friend, let me pour you some tea

We caged them in :) Isn't Reese so cute in her outfit?! She made sure she had the perfect outfit for her date with stud man Ben