Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas swimming

That's right... Ben went "swimming" the deep end too!! He got a kick out of being in the "pool" and had a hay day playing on the dirt mountain.  After 20 years of begging for my parents to put in a pool, all it took was giving them a grandson :)   It will be perfect timing... I'll have the baby, go on maternity leave and be soaking up the rays all summer. We all can't wait!!! There are many more pictures from Xmas, along with pictures from Thanksgiving at Seaworld... if I could just the energy to blog more :)

A much needed mess

Since I layed my eyes on our current home, I immediately envisioned a much brighter kitchen.  I knew exactly what needed to be done and mistakenly decided that around Xmas would be a good time for some remodeling.  Our house STINKS to all nastiness, the fumes are unbearable.  There is a film of dust. On everything. We've taken up residence at Noni and Papa's house.   Below was the state of the project a week ago.  Hopefully the painting it will be completed by tomorrow.... really HOPING :)  Then the hardwoods will be installed. I am so happy we did this now and not a month before baby is due. I can't wait to make the den a cozy hang out off the kitchen and get my blue walls back in action.  No matter how hard I try to find other wall colors, I can't stay away from the blues.  Once it's all complete, I post more pictures!

DEN - in the midst of it all

Kitchen - BEFORE

Kitchen in chaos

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa's Wonderland

To keep up tradition, we went to see Santa at Bass Pro for the 4th year in a row. As I've mentioned before, Ben has never met a stranger, including a man with a beard dressed in red velvet and white fur.  As we were waiting in line, Ben was on daddy's shoulders, yelling "Hi Santa" over the line of people.  Then he became very concerned, an elf was stuck in Santa's workshop! I mean, who was going to save him mommy?? Ben was extremely concerned about this and upon the intially meeting of Santa, Ben kept looking up at this stuck elf.  While waiting in line, Ben found Roger the racoon. Ben met Roger last year and Santa delivered Roger on Xmas morning last year.  He loves his raccon.  I do too, he is super soft and perfect size to snuggle.  We didn't take the entire Bass Pro tour as usual... it's too much energy that I don't have these days :)  Next year, we'll have 2 kiddos on Santa's lap!!
ROGER!!! We told him it was Roger's family who lived at Bass Pro when he saw the bin full of them

If you look carefully you can see the Elf half way out the window at the top of the house in the background

Santa: "What do you want for Xmas"

Love these next pictures of Santa's facial expressions to what Ben wanted....

We crusied through the land of wasteful spending... I mean CHK campus to see the beautiful lights... really out did themselves this year, putting lights on the 5 construction cranes. I mean is that necessary Mr. McClendon?!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pretty in Pink!

It's official... Ben is having a SISTER! As if the 3 previous ultrasounds weren't enough, I finally believe the doctors now.  For sure a girl, as apparent from the first picture below :)  It's been quite the long road and I can't even explain how thankful, happy, relieved and excited I am for this baby girl!