Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ben!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR LITTLE STINKER!!!  We celebrated Ben's birthday on Sunday, with a small party at our house.  Ben had a blast and LOVES when he has guests over (I will post more pictures from the party later).  I thought it will be fun to see how much Ben has changed on the past 2 years.... and I love looking back on his baby pictures :)  Apparently I am the paparazzi to Ben, I have taken over 2100 pictures of him since the day he was born! I didn't really know how to use my camera when he was born and probably a good thing because there would double the amount, now that I am aware of how cute newborn pictures can be with props :) Below are some of my all time favorites of mister Ben, it was hard to limit myself to picking a few.   I can't help myself with my camera, my mom has so many of us from when we were little and I want to do the same for Ben. 
This past year, Ben has completely amazed everyone.  He is a baby genious.  For real :)  I'm bragging and I feel I have the right too because Ben knows his numbers 1-10, the entire alphabet and is reading and spelling words all by the ripe age of 2.  He is so darn inquisitive, observes everything yet at the same time is extremely socialable, loves to entertain , and is so animated with the best personality! We love you so much Ben, tonight you'll get your favorite meal.... Nuggets and Fries from Mickey D's :)  Funny story... couple weekends ago, after Ben and I went walking with Margo and Avery, I stop by McDonalds for my morning coffee.  Sitting in the drive-thru and Ben says (what I think he said ) five.  And I'm like oh you see 5 on the menu... Ben keeps saying 5. And I say what other numbers do you see, but 5 is the only one he sees? Get to the window and he yells FIVE, dawned on me he is saying FRIES. He knew where we were and what he wanted! I have created a McDonald's monster, just like his mommy :)
Ben goes to his 2 year check up tomorrow, so I'll post party pics and other updates this weekend. 

1 day old in hospital
4 weeks old with that pout we see today :)

Happy 3 month old Ben

This might be my favorite picture of him EVER. Look at those eyes! I randomly took this of him as he was sitting in his hairchair in front of the front door while I was cooking.

7 months - Turning into a little chunk for a short while of his life before he kept getting longer and longer and longer..

Sweet smile at 9 months

Our little cowboy at 10 months

Grammie captured this framer - 13 months old

Bath fun at 17 months - he finally  has hair!
Someone turned into a little boy! - 19 months

This picture shows his personality... always scheming something but trying to portray innocence!!

Hello rowdy boy!! - 21 months

This was Ben all summer.. always red-faced and dirty!
On the go much? Ben loves to run, run and more running - 23 months

This picture shows just how animated he is - always makes the most hilarious faces
2 years old!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ben's final 2010 tailgate

I'm a little behind on the blogs, I've been busy planning Ben's bday party that is today! woo hoo party time!

Last weekend was the last tailgate for Ben of 2010 - he loved every minute of being up there and best of all his buddies from Tulsa came to play for the day - Cason and Parker McDaniel! I've known their mom, Lindsay, since our freshman year at OSU and oh how times have changed for us :) We had a great time chasing our boys around most of the day - Cason is almost 3, Parker is 1 1/2 and Ben who is 2 (on Wednesday!) so of course there wasn't a minute of down time for us all.  The day ended with my mom staying back at the RV to watch Ben while John and I used my parent's club level tickets to watch OSU dominate on Tulsa! 

Cat nap on the way...
Pre-tailgate shave.. a must for every 2 yr old

Love my Aunt Julie even though she is wearing blue
Eating ice on the McDaniel's rocket

Whats up Parker? Welcome to my tailgate :)
Parker so cute in his sweet visor :)

The boys chillin... nearly impossible to get a picture of the 3 of them
Loved this one of Parker, such a gentle sweet big boy!

Watching ultimate frisbee wishing he could run free
Ben and Mommy

The dads enjoying a relaxing game of beer pong

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amazon MOM

If I only knew of this information I'm about to tell you the day Ben was born, I would be a semi-rich woman.  Thanks to Jordan for revealing this website to me!
Sign up for the Save and Subscribe delivery and save 30% off select diapers.
I ordered Baby Dry Pampers, 156 quanity for $28 and they arrived the next day with free shipping!
Check it out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Curly Q

Sunday night drive way fun fest....  I can't ever pick my favorite, I always gotta post a zillion of my cutie pie.  The golden strawberry curls always come out on a hards nights work as evident below :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pool party

A week late, but our Labor day weekend ended with a Sunday pool party at the home of a good friend's very gracious parents.  We all wondered why we hadn't been doing Sunday pool parties all summer?!? Sangria, sun, brisket, beers, kids running around (not with the beers).... doesn't get any better! I have the bestest friends anyone could ask for - we can always get our families together and never a dull moment!
Ben and mommy eating lunch

The Dads doing dad things - airing up rafts

Somebody been eating Oreos?!

Droopy pants

Meet the newest baby to join our baby model clan - Avery Elaine

Suntan lotion anyone?

Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A little secret too..

...Beautiful nails :)
This post has nothing to do with our family... but what you will discover is the secret to cheap, salon looking manicured nails :) A good friend let me in on her awesome looking nails...introducing the Incoco kit, located at Walgreens. I promise, my nails are the most retarded nails and this kit made them look great and they didn't chip for entire week. $4 for easy great looking nails! Just wanted to share this secret. (I bought the "White Cloud" color)

Monday, September 6, 2010

O-S-U Cowboys!

Ben is an official OSU fan, he attended his 1st game.... all 20 minutes of it :) But most importantly he got to see the 1st touchdown of 2010, Bullet and the OSU wave. He liked it when there was action but not so much in between plays. We left the cluster of Sec 224 and headed back to the RV only after being there for 20 minutes. The Cheetos and graham crackers wouldn't hold him over! We saw Uncle Peter and Aunt Julie in the game! Peter got a family pic of us, John had to squat and stick his rear out so we'd all be on one level :)
Waiting with Pa-Pa for the OSU bus

Prior to the game, we partied at the RV lot. Ben was in heaven, running around EVERYWHERE. Wore everyone out. I captured the shots below on the practice soccer field and then my good camera died. Night before I checked the battery to avoid this, said full, obviously wasn't! Oh well, I got some super cute ones of the Stinkerman. He has become our exercise regime. Child does not stop running, I had to push him in the stroller so he'd take a cat nap. It was an exhausting day but we all had fun and will be back up next week to do it all over. Go Pokes!

Future Cowboy QB

I've got the speed....

"MA-chine"... pointing at the big lawn mower

Chit chatting with the sweet puppy

You can't catch me Grammie (look at his 1 big dimple, love it!)