Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ben's final 2010 tailgate

I'm a little behind on the blogs, I've been busy planning Ben's bday party that is today! woo hoo party time!

Last weekend was the last tailgate for Ben of 2010 - he loved every minute of being up there and best of all his buddies from Tulsa came to play for the day - Cason and Parker McDaniel! I've known their mom, Lindsay, since our freshman year at OSU and oh how times have changed for us :) We had a great time chasing our boys around most of the day - Cason is almost 3, Parker is 1 1/2 and Ben who is 2 (on Wednesday!) so of course there wasn't a minute of down time for us all.  The day ended with my mom staying back at the RV to watch Ben while John and I used my parent's club level tickets to watch OSU dominate on Tulsa! 

Cat nap on the way...
Pre-tailgate shave.. a must for every 2 yr old

Love my Aunt Julie even though she is wearing blue
Eating ice on the McDaniel's rocket

Whats up Parker? Welcome to my tailgate :)
Parker so cute in his sweet visor :)

The boys chillin... nearly impossible to get a picture of the 3 of them
Loved this one of Parker, such a gentle sweet big boy!

Watching ultimate frisbee wishing he could run free
Ben and Mommy

The dads enjoying a relaxing game of beer pong

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  1. LOVE IT!!! What great pics, that was fun despite the heat. "Welcome to my tailgate" hahaha!