Saturday, February 25, 2012

good mood food

"Mommy can I have a cookie now..."
"No silly, eat your dinner"
"MOMMY you can't say no, you have to tell me yes."

Me: "Ben here are 3 carrots, gotta eat those with your dinner"
Ben: "How about 4 carrots"
Okay! Bargining with me not so much in your favor but whatever.

"It's good mood food.... "
Ben you crack us up. You know the Arby's, UBuild It and Homeland commerical lyrics. 
Now with our knock knock jokes, you jump the gun and say what we are about too...
Me: Knock. Knock
Ben: Who's there
Me: It's Pistol..
Ben: Pete who.....
Turkey!!! and you do it with the biggest grin.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

28 weeks

I've grown. ALOT, in the past 3 weeks.  Natalee has added a pound in 3 weeks, mommy has added... well, lets just say enough.  Her ultrasound at 27 weeks she weighed in 2.1 lbs, which the doc said it's looking like she'll be a petite baby like her brother was. She was in NO mood for us to see her, she kept her forearm over her face the entire scan.   Everything still looked great on her measurements, etc and I'll continue to go every 3-4 weeks for ultrasounds.  Starting to feel her hiccups, sciatic nerve has attacked me a few times already and I go into cripple ole lady mode and she is a continuous mover with her head protuding on the right side of my belly with her butt down.  I think my days of going to the gym are coming to an end... how in the world do these moms work out in the 3rd trimester?! Super preggos! Her room is primed, crib and chandelier are here, now I must decide on what fabric for her bedding.  So ready for the room to magically be done :)  I feel so lucky, my BFF's and work family are throwing me showers.... getting closer and so excited!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Quotes I need to remember about you Mr. Beano...
"Well whats that mean?"
* You ask this after ALOT of answers we give you to your questions.

"Mom you got a zit"
* Yeah I have major pregnancy acne going on.... Ben lets me know when one pops up

"I don't want THAT either!"
* Your answer to alot of our requests

 "It's quite windy outside daddy"
* My lil weatherman

"F is for facebook"
* Christmas you let us all know that the letter F is for facebook, oh dear.

"Nextember 2-9, 08"
*Got that birthday down... well close enough

"Uuuuuggghhhhhhh" with much drama added
* I about died when you did this after we told you no on something

Terrible 3's, WHAT's THAT MEAN? Well son, you have been, for a lack of better terms, a twerp. Talk about independent 3's.  Talk about attitude, you spit in your girlfriend's face at daycare. Ouch you were in big trouble for that one.  Don't worry, she returned the favor a week later when you told me Iyla hit you.  You slam your bedroom door.  In response to daddy asking about you getting in our bed at 2am, you said SO, blew daddy a kiss and said "too bad".
Your still on a "meat diet" of nuggets, corndogs, sausage, bacon.  You said your favorite food is sausage. You LOVE fruits and you'll nibble here and there on carrots and green beans.  You ask for fruity pebbles at every meal.  You get a dum-dum (and know it) when we go grocery shopping.  You get Sprite at restaurants and it makes you so happy.   You won't try pizza or hamburgers.  You won't eat strawberry ice cream!? You won't try cinnamon rolls!! We keep trying to tell you, you'll like it, but you refuse. You are alot like your mommy and papa in the food department :)
You have gone back and forth on being a super hero or football player when you grow up.  You love to play with Iron Man, Captain America, Batman & Spiderman.  You can't wait for summer and talk about swimming in the summer time.  Your new favorite show is Phineas and Ferb.  You watch that movie - "Across the 2nd Dimension" - like it's greatest thing to ever be made. You are very excited for Natalee and say it with such a sweet funny accent - "NAT-aaahh-leeeee".  Mommy is really hoping these terrible 3's are gone by May! You have your "terrible" moments but Rose (daycare teacher) says you are her little helper and buddy.  You tell kids it's not okay to do certain things and tell them when they aren't being nice. 

Pictures below are from your 1st vacation to Seaworld. There are a bagillion others, but these 2... well one shows your sweet dimple and the other is just ridiculously funny.  You talked and talked about Shamu. I mean look at the expression on your face!  But when it came time to pick which one you wanted.... you picked a dolphin.  A dolphin the size of your hand.  Being our practical and simple little stinker :) Love you BUD!