Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary Schmoops!

Happy Anniversary to us! It was 4 years ago that John and I tied the knot at Tres Suenos Winery in Luther. What started as a horrific day to a bride (storms and powerless venue), turned into the most perfect beautiful setting for John and I. We are celebrating and heading out to Vegas for 4 days!! Below are a few of my favorite pictures, it was so hard to choose.... Love you Schmoops!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ellison Kate and Parties!

To start off this fantastic weekend, Sarah and Bryan Bloom welcomed their sweet baby girl into the world on Friday night - Ellison Kate! She is just perfect at 6lbs 9oz. While holding her I couldn't believe that Ben was even a pound lighter than her. You completely forget how tiny newborns are. Ben has yet to meet her, so on Thursday he will grace her with his ornery self :) Speaking of ornery (see pic below of my Karate Ninja boy), Ben was so ornery and bouncing off the walls all weekend (with a total of 3 hours of napping for both Sat and Sun!). We went to a friend of mine's daughter's 1st birthday party (Happy Birthday to Lucy!) and he made sure his presence was known. Sorry Lucy for Ben running through your party like a wild man and screaming. He is not shy one bit and acts like he owns wherever he goes... oh brother, we got a complete boy on our hands. I didn't get any pictures because John and I were "Ben chasing" the entire time.
From Lucy's party we hopped over to our last party, all my co-workers got together for a cook-out and Rock Band wild and crazy accountants :) Ben once again ruled the roost.... he was calm and relaxing when his 4 yr old girlfriend was chauferring him around in her Barbie jeep. He absolutely loved it. If he could only reach the pedals, John would have already bought him his own Hummer. He was very polite and respectful of her jeep, closing and opening the door very gently and enjoying the ride around the driveway. That was the only time that day when he wasn't going-going-going. People under estimate me when I say Ben is on the go 24/7... my co-workers now know what I'm always talking about :) He is such a good boy though, yes a little wired and a "firecracker", but he keeps us on our toes and cracking us up all the time. He is our entertainment at home and I love my stinker so much!
And lastly we spent the morning and afternoon at my parents. Ben got to eat, or shall I say try, fresh strawberries from the garden, "ride" on a bike and go swimming in the non-hot hot tub. Once again a non-stop on the go weekend for the Forrest Fam!


Giving Pa-Pa a five in the hot tub

Crusing with his "cougar"

Ellison Kate

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bidet. Bidet. Bidet.

This weekend a good friend from high school is getting married, so last night was her lingerie shower and night out. It was so much fun seeing the girls I spent my high school days with and just enjoying a night out with the girls. Gesell (Allyson pictured below) is my very best friend since 3rd grade, we've never fought (actually we think we got in a typical "i'm ignoring you" type high school fight but that is it). She lives in Santa Monica now, we move back from CA and she moves out there, go figure. Anyways I miss her and I'm so glad I get to see her this weekend! So the night was a blast EXCEPT for what I'm about to describe below. It hit me like a tidal wave and I can't stop laughing about.....
We arrive at Sushi Neko, our group of 12 gets situated and my friend goes to the bathroom. Upon returning she is all "refreshed" and informs me the toilet seat is heated, vibrates and there is a bidet (you know a "ba-day"). I'm like wwwhhhaatt??? A bidet in a public restaurant in a sushi restaurant. RANDOM. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I head to try out the heated and vibrating seat, NO INTENTION OF UTILIZING THE BIDET. I sit my rear on this warm toilet seat, a bit strange but okay where is the vibration? Don't judge me, I just wondered what a vibrating seat would feel like on my toosh. So I look on the wall and see a remote control type thing to operate this fancy throne. I see a button which appears to be a object that looks to be vibrating. Sweet I figured it out. If I could only take it back. Oh man if only I could rewind my finger from pushing that button. The next 30 seconds are in slow motion. I felt like I was in a movie. Button is pushed and I hear a strange noise coming from the back of the toilet seat. In slow motion I turn around to see the commotion, I see a missle about to launch at me. This hose is turning towards me, raising up for lift off . I was scared. I stand up, like standing up was going to make this missle go away? What was I thinking? In a split second the missle launched, water forcefully shooting out of the toilet seat THROUGH MY LEGS AND ALL OVER MY SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not talking a slight mist, I'm talking a full on dreached shirt. I hate air dryers and the one public restroom when I need one the most, doesn't have one. Paper towels only.... I have to walk through the restaurant with a soaked shirt, just wonderful. I go to our table and absolutely lost it, I can't stop laughing to even tell what just happened. 24 hours later I still can't get over it. And I also think, holy hell that bidet was darn right power and now I'm terrified to think of ever actually using one. So lesson learned, remain seated at all times when a bidet is in use :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Never ending virus

For over a week now, below shows how pitiful Ben has been. This virus started with diarrhea, moved to a 4 day fever with cough and now back to diarrhea. It was obvious he didn't feel good because he wasn't hitting, throwing tantrums, screaming... and was mopy, wanted to snuggle with us and took breaks from playing. And for the 1st time EVER, he slept in our bed. Ben seriously has never slept in our bed, in fact really anywhere besides his bed and he was so sicky he feel asleep in our bed and on the couch. One night, while all cozy in our bed (see picture below) he had this look of "oh wow what have I been missing not sleeping with mom and dad!"It was kinda nice to have him fall asleep next to us, but we for sure don't want to make it a habit! With the help from immodium, we think the diarrhea is coming to an end. His poor toosh can't handle anymore. So sad. The attitude is returning (unfortunately) but on the flip side, lets us know he is feeling better. Ben is getting his very 1st hair cut today too! The back of his hair is turning into a big poof :)
We discovered a huge milestone for Mr. Ben - he knows the alphabet through T!!! It is truly amazing and we had no idea he knew them straight through. He started spelling his name last night and slowly saying other words. So proud of my stinker!!!! He is one smart cookie, with lots of attitude.

Please I'm too sick for pictures

Haha Mom, tricks on you - I took your spot in bed!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Whose your daddy

Do you think Ben resembles somebody a little bit?!?