Monday, November 28, 2011

Road Trip

Packed up for Seaworld Wednesday morning... this is how trip got started....
Then we stopped at McDonalds and Ben swiped some toys - Stir Sticks.
More Stir Stick entertainment....
Down to 1 stir stick....
That was on Wednesday on the drive down to San Antonio.  Ben did awesome.  All it took was a set of large headphone and an iPad to keep him occupied.  Took potty breaks when we stopped and he tried to have us pull over because "I need to pee in the grass, right there mommy, in the grass".  Nice try, we just stopped so I'm not falling for it. 

Friday we took a slightly shorter road trip from San Antonio to Fredericksburg to see my college roomie. We hadn't seen each other since my wedding, it was a long over due visit.  Evan has the 3 most precious girls.  Hallie (below) was just a baby at our wedding and is now 5 years old! So glad we got to sit around and catch up... just like old times hanging out in Drummond 612 :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can it really be?

Can it really be true that we will be buying bows, dresses and PINK clothing?!? And what is the deal with siblings knowing the sex of the baby from the get go? Ben has NEVER waivered from his statement "it's a girl". 3 ultrasounds in the past 3 weeks (being high risk has it's benefits) have each shown this hell raiser to be a GIRL.  So weird to not see a penis on the ultrasound and I'm still hesistant that a penis will appear on our next one in 2 weeks, so I might be retracting this blog entry :) But in the mean time, I couldn't hold this info in any longer.  Most importantly, baby is healthy and bouncing around all over the place!  I thought those girls were nuts who said they felt their baby kick early on, well I'm one of them.  Sunday night I felt a thump on my left side and today, as the nurse was picking up the heart rate, baby was on the left side so pretty sure I did feel a kick.
At 16 weeks....
I/baby can't get enough chocolate milk. I hate milk, so this so bizarre to me
Love pineapple & strawberries
Still not too fond of steak
Bagels with strawberry cream cheese
Can't think of anything else out of the ordinary.
We are so thrilled with the baby girl news and so relieved baby is healthy and growing!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

To say Ben was excited about trick or treating is an understatement.  Once our doorbell rang with kids asking for candy, it was GO time for Ben.  He wanted to leave with them, "where the kids go, where the kids go?"  We quickly put our shoes on and went out for the night, thankfully catching up with those kids he so desperately wanted to find :)  He knew the trick or treat routine, follow the kids up to the door and get the goods.  In the group of kids we tagged along with, there was a Princess and this Princess had to be the 1st to the door and was "in charge".  Well my son, with his competitive streak that he must have gotten from... well me (it's fun to make things into competitions and it's fun when I always win!), caught onto this Princess and by the end of the night, he was 1st! Hahah.... so proud, no way was he going to let her beat him.  But I was more proud of him when Tigger dropped his candy and Ben went over to help him put it back in his bucket.  As I always say, he is such a sweet boy!! We all had so much fun in our new neighborhood trick or treating!

petting the kitty

Miss Owl grabbed Ben's hand to help him across the street, it was really sweet!

the "scary house" on our route. ben was brave and went straight into the "danger"!

ben and his noni

why sure, let me walk right into your house!

watch it princess... i'm onto you!!!

scoping out the scary house with dad