Sunday, June 26, 2011


We started the weekend with a trip to "Homo-depot".  Ben loves the home improvement stores.  Test rides the mowers, ooo's and aaawww's over the big saws and the new discover are the little video tvs around for security. Let's just say, Home Depot's security guy got alot of Ben face time Friday night.... and Saturday morning too.  FINALLY our master bedroom got painted this weekend.  Out with the baby blue and in with, well another blue... but much more calm and soothing blue/gray.  Ben only spilled a SMALL POND of blue paint on our white carpet.  Noni and mommy calmly utilized the Hoover carpet cleaner and wah-la, blue paint gone... for the most part :)
Today Ben and I spent the morning watching cartoons and watering outside (daddy was sick in bed).  By 10am the heat was unbearable, even for Ben.  We cooled off with grapes on the back porch, he is loving green grapes, about the only thing he eats besides his staple of Cheez-its and breakfast bars.  I've given up on him trying other foods.  He is picky, extremely picky on his foods. Oh well, I am too :)  We ended the weekend with a quick dip in the pool and dinner at Grandma Sandy's and Grandpa Jim's.  Mommy and daddy ate too much of Grandpa's delicious ribs, while Ben nibbled on his cheezits.  Another great weekend to start a long, hot, windy week : )!

What's up lady friend.... she ignored him. I think her googles blurred her vision and that is why she ignored my sweet adorable son.

You will notice the stranger's feet in the lower right corner. I had to capture Ben saying hello to everyone who walked by him.  This boy has no enemies,  he loves everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wood surprise

I can't ever be surprised, I'm too snoopy and investigative.  But it happened.   And the results will last forever!  John had our good friend Lindsay McDaniel come down fromTulsa to take Ben and his pictures for me.  And of course the talented Lindsay didn't fail and got some adorable pictures!!  "Wood" is the 5 year present, so these pictures are for the wood frames... Daddy did good :)  I love how the space shuttle was included in these pictures.  Ben, to say the least, is attached to all things space related.  He flies that shuttle around and the best part is the landing... he slowly brings it down and makes this ruffling engine noise while shaking because it's" too much force" to control this shuttle landing.  Cracks us up!
While laying in bed one night, I asked if he had a good day and what he did.  He replied with this silly grin "Muno with Jacob and Iyla (his BFF's)... Muno, Muno, Muno".  Muno- he keeps saying this and each time he has that grin and tone of orneriness, what is Muno?!  I finally remember to ask his daycare teacher - she informed me it's Muno from Yo Gabba.  Duh mom! She said each morning they fight over holding Muno and Ben will hold him tight to his chest but when asked to share, Tabitha said "Ben is so sweet and is so willing to share with everyone and will take it to whoever wants it and says here you go".  Makes me smile.  He is SUCH a caring child.  He hates when other kids get in trouble, he stopped in his tracks at the pool when a kid was getting yelled at and said "whats wrong mommy, whats wrong" with this look of sadness on his face.  Of course at home, when he gets in trouble by us, he just yells NO at us and continues to be a maniac :) Love my maniac and hubbie for the best 5 year surprise!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 years

5 splendid years John and I have been married today! Seems just like yesterday we got married and packed up the Penske and headed out to California, thinking we would be out there for awhile. Hah. I admit it, I was crazy thinking.  But seriously, unless you are "independently wealthy", there is no way you can afford to raise a family in the standard of living we are use too in Oklahoma.  Back on track... tonight we will celebrate with a yummo dinner at Boulevard Steakhouse! We have had quite a rough couple months, but we had each other to lean on and I couldn't have asked for a better hubbie to spend our roller coaster life with!  Here is to 5 years of marital bliss (let's be real, for the most part :)) and also to John starting his new career today!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

moms day: the late edition

Completely forgot to highlight my splendid mothers day from last month. Nothing special but just a great day with Ben and John and then dinner with Noni, Papa and Uncle Nate. It was quite perfect. Ben took a good nap, there were no tantrums and it was such a peaceful day:)  I'm so lucky to have this boy as my child, after knowing I am "mutated" (for real), he truly is our miracle child, must explain why he is a genius and such a sweetie!
Yard work in skeevies.. well of course!

Don't mess with me Uncle Nate!

No more, no more

Hi Paparazzi

Will I ever get him to look at the camera in a group shot?! :)