Monday, February 28, 2011

The Good, Great and Ugly

Let's recap the past 2 weeks: Packed up our home, busted some ass getting it all done in 1 day and leaving our house spotless for the new owner (you're welcome new owner), closed on 2 houses the next morning, unloaded our contents into our awesome new home that afternoon, realizing how lucky we are to be able to live in the exact location we wished for and being so close to our families in such a perfect house! I can't wait for this house to get the "Forrest treatment" - it needs some much needed color updating in my usual blue tones :)  Ben has a playroom all to himself and he is loving it, always telling us "show me, show me, show me" - that is his way of saying I need you to come here.  He is currently obsessed with his fake potatoes in his play kitchen. He slept with them last night... those potatoes mysteriously disappeared today :)  He is such a sweetie, he knows his mommy hasn't been feeling good and gives me kisses, hugs and even "rubs" my back.  He has no clue what has been going on and I'm thankful he isn't aware of the pain his mommy and daddy have endured this past week.  I was 9 weeks pregnant but no heartbeat. I hoped I'd never experience a miscarriage again, but obviously that wasn't the plan.  No answers of why. I am so sick of feeling sick. I want the normal schedule back. I want to go on my normal Sunday Walmart trip, not much to ask, just a normal mom life.  I want the ugly times to be gone.  I have zero pictures to upload, my camera hasn't emerged from the guest room since we moved... here is to the weekend of pictures being taken, not only by me but by the talented Mrs. McDaniel and a night with the greatest of friends!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello Tahlequah

Thursday we will say good bye to 62nd Terrace and Friday hello to Tahlequah Drive! Inspections went really good on Friday and nothing major popped up (there was concern of water in ducts, but NONE!).  As I sit here, it is very overwhelming to think about packing up our entire house on Thursday into the moving truck, but with 75 degree weather it will make things better :)  We close on our house at 9am and at 10am close on our new home! We keep telling Ben we are moving, but of course his minds goes to talking about spaceships or rockets.... my child is obsessed with spaceships, spaceshuttles, rockets, robots... rocket scientist perhaps? John lost his job on Monday, yes what timing huh? So he has been letting Ben sleep in and dropping him off at daycare.  Ben loves his friends and they love him.  John told me he walked into daycare last week and they all coming running to him "Ben's here!!" and then he proceeds to give them all high fives and as he is walking away to the playroom he throws out "Bye dad".  Mr. Personality!  Off to pack to get into our new home....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week trapped in

1. Snow play - notice his rudolph nose. Absolutely frozen but no way he was going to come in peacefully.
2. Ben completely zonked out while trying to eat dinner one night.  Poor guy. His head must have never felt so heavy.  Eventually his head "slumpt" over and he slept for 30 minutes.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Yes I said snotmageddon, which is comparable to the natural force of the snow that hit Oklahoma this week, except this was snot hitting my head like a freight train.  I can usually tolerate "colds" but holy crap, I was miserable.  I haven't felt this bad since being a mom. I "made" John stay home on Wednesday... didn't have to pull his arm much since it was either staying at home or shoveling snow at CHK all day.  No brainer. Thank you Nurse Cathy for calling in a z-pack and letting me live my day without hacking up a lung and saving my nose from yet another kleenex.

I hate winter.  You get pale, you get sick, you can't leave your house, need I say more.  I "spiced" up the blog, it needed some flare and I had adandoned it for too long.  Here is too a cheerful, more colorful background and updated pictures.  The new main picture... pretty much sums up my goof ball. Today I actually did something -blog updating and laundry, so exciting!  Ben is sound asleep and I'm sitting in freshly washed sheets loving it. As my friend Sarah blogged, she is turning 30, which means I turn 30 as well this month. (I'm a week older :)).  I never understood the term "dirty 30"... someone please explain to me this phrase. I don't have fears of turning 30, to me, it's another number.  What is so distinctive about going from 29 to 30, is it aging? I think the scariest year is when you give birth, talk about some aging coming on strong.  Most probably don't know this, but I really could care less about my birthday.  I find it akward to have everyone telling you happy bday and you have to respond with "thank you".  I mean why am I saying thank you to you... I should be thanking my mother who gave birth to me :)  Don't get me wrong, Ben and John will always have a celebration, but for me... I'm okay.  McDonald's will do the trick.  I have had the best life the past 30 years and can't imagine it any other way, so bring on another 30+ years!

Back on track to the real reason I blog - Bean-o's.  He loved, loved, loved the snow.  I hesitated to let him out since he just got over an ear infection, but thought oh what the hell, every kid needs to experience some blizzard action.  We waited until the winds died down and bundled him up.  And waited and waited until his little cheeks and nose were bright red to finally drag him in.  And then waited and waited for nearly 20 minutes until the screams and cries stopped for "snow, outside, snow, snow, outside".  Talk about some terrible 2 tantrums (same scenario in the 70 degree temps when we left the playground last weekend).  But it was worth it, he was in heaven outside and was in awe of the snow.  We have been stuck in the house (with most of his toys packed up) since Monday night.  I can't get my car out of the garage, so we will wait for daddy to get home and maybe we can take an exciting drive to Braums.... if they're open.  Enjoy the snow pictures and woo hoo for 40 degrees tomorrow!
Investigating the powdery snow

"Uuuumm mom, put the camera away or else...."

Rosey cheeker babes

Shooting spiderwebs... Spiderman has become a new interest lately