Sunday, February 17, 2013

7 aaannd 8 months

Yikes! I have abandoned the blog ship for too long! Let's just say life has been a tad bit in the way. 
So back to Miss Natalee....
7 months -
1. 1st week of November, she got from her belly up to a sitting position
2. 2 days before Thanksgiving - we have a CRAWLER!!
3. Always sitting up in her bed
4.  Eating variety of veggies and fruits.  Puff snob - she wouldn't eat the generic and loves mum-mum's
5. Met Santa. Loved him and has escaped the stranger danger phase.
6. First time at park in Duncan and LOVED the swing
7.   The start of the teeting marathon....
8 months -
1.  1st week of December, I found her standing up in her room, she had pulled herself up on the crib
2.  Soon turned into finding her in her crib, standing up, chewing on the side rail
3.  She pulls up on anything and everything.
4. Natalee got 6 teeth in a month. Yes 6 teeth. Talk about a sleeping nightmare for the both of us. She now has a total of 8 teeth.
5. Dive bombs your plate if she's in your lap while eating. She wants "big people" food - so she has tried french fries, steak, chicken, mashed potatoes and loves it all!
6. Gives high fives
By 8 months old, she is a speedy crawling machine.  She is an explorer and has mastered crawling on the slippery slopes... aka tile and wood floors.  She "pants" like a puppy and thinks it's so funny.  She isn't afraid of the dark, multiple times found she had crawled into the pitch black playroom.  I see spunkiness in her and think she is gonna be quite feisty!  Brother and her still love each other :)

Any chance she gets, she steals Ben's sippy cup

She was in awe of the tree