Saturday, April 21, 2012

No fool

Someone knows what's up.... And that someone is our 3 1/2 year old turkey lurkey! He has been quite attached to his mommy and on the whiney side.  And now, poor guy has been sicky the last week as the only child.  But that just means extra more attention for the star of the show. Last week after seeing pictures I had taken of him, I decided it was time to chop off the massive bob of curls.  It took me by surprise when the hairdressed immediately took the "shaver" to his head and went straight to buzzing it all off.  He looks so much older now and as always, so handsome!  He had a grand time hunting Easter eggs in the backyard and got to see the Bass Pro Easter Bunny.  "We go to Bass Pro to see the Easter bunny.... (pause) AND Santa Claus today!" Poor child is so confused on who actually lives at Bass Pro.  A few quotes to remember...
  • At the dinner table, in a Beavis and Butthead laugh says "uuhhh Mommy your head is huge".  Does daddy have a big head too? "hahah no just you mommy!"
  • Playing "running race" in backyard, as he wins the races turns around and says "you the loser mommy"
  • At Easter dinner out of the blue says "we say darn it and not dammit"
  • While on the potty going #2 says "Uuuuhh my poop is so warm and soft like warm sand" - That imaginative brain of yours!
Priceless!! Pondering life while shaving one evening

For sure looking like a big brother now

"OOOOooooo I see eggs!"

Ben, Daddy and Uncle Nate

Showing us his squatting muscles/dance moves

Had to capture the curls before they were nixed off

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

almost go time

It's time... baby time. 5 more days and ready or not, Natalee will be here.  Even though it's been quite the "fun" ride (NOT), I am so anxious to get this baby girl in my arms.  She has been teasing and teasing me with contractions and other non-appropriate blog pregnancy topics... so jokes on her, she is coming out soon! I have been in full nesting mood, near to the point of pure crazy.  I pee practically every hour in the night, where all this urine comes from in the middle night, I will never understand.  John says I snore. I don't believe him. Swelling has gone down a tad bit, not full cankles like in March.  Got one last doc appointment on Friday and then the party starts Monday night at 8pm!!! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Last ultrasound

I can't believe we have reached the point where it's almost time to see Natalee face to face, not on a ultrasound screen :)  We have graduated from the high risk doctor and only going to my normal OB from here on out.  Last week at 35 weeks, ultrasound indicated Natalee weighed 5.1 lbs.  In theory, she should gain 1/2 lb each week until delivery.  That was NOT the case for Ben, so we'll see what she decides to do. (In case you don't remember, Ben weighed 5lbs 11oz at full term, actually a day late... but we believe that all relates to my gene disorder with the folic acid).
I've been experiencing full on contractions throughout this week (obviously non are consistent) and intense pain from her hitting my sciatic nerve. At my 36 week appointment yesterday, I was dilated to a 1...  still set to induce on April 23rd, which is little over 2 weeks away!!!!