Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good bye bug

Thank goodness for the lovely weather this Saturday.  Ben has been quarantined inside pretty much all week due to a nasty stomach bug.... what happened to the 24 hour bug?! This bug lasted nearly 4 days but I'm happy to report Ben is bouncing back.  He has never had an ear infection but can't resist taking on this stomach bug each year.  John had to work yesterday and I think I got a slight but not as intense form of this bug and to my much wishing and hoping,  Ben took a 3 hour nap yesterday. Don't think I didn't get into bed too :)  Immediate words after nap - "outside, outside" - so out we went and got out every single toy/for sale by owner signs in the garage, played with each for about 10 seconds and then moved onto the next.... maybe he has too many options ? Or he is just a true toddler boy with too many things on his mind to focus :) 
New words lately:
- nope... which to me is less formal than the flat no, so I'm okay with it
- okie dokie... he constantly was saying okay to everything so I taught him a new version
- fire... loves to spell this word and tries to blow out my candles (from very far away, hasn't worked yet)
Those are the new words I've been hearing alot lately, I promise he says more.... in fact he says ALOT more that we try to decipher :)
John and I are ready for our Thanksgiving days off - I only have to work 1 1/2 days! We have tickets to the Thunder/Mavs game for Wed, Thanksgiving to be decided, and then of course BEDLAM on Saturday!!
Tongue out? new thing for the weekend

Playing peek-a-boo with mommy and the camera

one of many riding toys he rode for a split second

Can't be in driveway without some artistic chalk work

Bored with toys... lets drag out and read FSBO sign
On a side note, we have put our house up for sale by owner to see if we get any "bites". We want to move to Edmond and since Ben's daycare has moved further into Edmond, we figured why not now, if we can sell our house, that is.  I can't keep the flyers in the info box, I keep replenshing them and next thing I know, it's empty again... dang neighbors being nosey I assume!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just swinging

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HOT stuff

That's right, my boy knows how to pose ever so sexy....
 Lets not forget this amazingly sexy pose he showed us all at 6 months....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thunder Up

Ben scored double candy while trick or treating at the Devon halloween party and then trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa Forrest's neighborhood.  Much different from last year, this year he caught on to what he was actually asking for :)  Knowing he wouldn't keep an actual costume on, I found an awesome KD jersey in his size and the coolest headband (which he loves)... oh and I found him some nike hightops to finish the "costume". Cutest Thunder player in the city!!
Taking a break from this trick or treating, it's hard work


Heading home to Grandpa & Grandma's after getting lots of candy for Mom and Dad

Obstacle course, sweet!!

Oh wait, I'm suppose to throw my ball through :) SCORE!

Hitting the Devon dancefloor with daddy

Having a blast at the Devon party and looking so cool!