Saturday, May 22, 2010


What can I say, John and I are completely exhausted after our trip to Tulsa. We left Friday afternoon, a bit late because we discovered our roof is totaled and now we have to deal with getting a new one. Again, thank you hail storm but thank you Travelers insurance for picking up most of the tab.

Friday night we spent with Ben's Aunts and Uncles and enjoyed some delicious food - thank you Peter and Julie!! Uncle Seth and Aunt Ryan brought Ben a bubble wand and he was in love. If he wasn't trying to pop the bubbles, he was zooming through the yard, running into things/falling down and pointing at the moon. The child stayed up until a new record.... 11:15 and you are probably thinking oh he slept in, but NO. 7am wake up call. John and Peter took him to play frisbee golf Sat morning... who were they kidding, it was more of a lets chase Ben around the course. All the while, Julie and I were relaxing getting our nails done :)

Being mischevious with Aunt Ryan and Uncle Seth

And to end our trip, we made our way over to the party house for Parker McDaniel's big 1st bday. Parker is such a sweetie and in no time will tower over all our kiddies :) He has the biggest hands and feet, destined to lead some team to the BCS! hahah There was a moon bounce and it was GINORMOUS - so big Ben was like oh hell no I'm not going in that big ole thing. John tried multiple times but he refused. However, Ben had no troubles running all over and trying out all of Cason's and Parker's toys. A cute lil girl got in "his" cozy coupe, so he just opened the door and tried to push his toosh in there with her. Ended up with both babies crying :) After the whirlwind time visiting everyone we headed home and baby boy crashed the whole way home on the turnpike, thank goodness!!! And today he took a much needed, 4 hour nap, too much partying for Ben!

I'll wear your party hat Parker! All my OSU girls with our babies

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday night surprise

Grandma Sandy brought Ben a very fun surprise last night - the coolest sandbox/picnic table on the block! We refrained from putting the sand it in because of the storms on the horizon for today. We "hunkered" down all of his toys under our porch to shield them from any future hail and wind storms. Speaking of... we noticed small pieces of our siding chunked out on the back of our house, along with some rugged looking shingles :( We'll see what the roofers say. Thanks hail storm.

Waiting for us to join him for a snack

"Dddaaaaad... put my umbrella back up.."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ben - 19 months

Ben is up too......
  • Dishing out some attitude when he doesn't get his way, I'm talking ATTITUDE. Arms start swinging like a helicopter, screams and hits whatever is closest.
  • Learning the alphabet, he knows about half the alphabet, now we have to work on putting those letters together for words
  • Calls my dad "Pa-Pa", Bapple is for apple and newest word today was "pppeeaass" for please
  • Loves to be chased and play hide and seek and has been a ball of energy!!
  • Climbing still.... climbs on anything he can whip those legs up on, hard worker when it comes to climbing
  • Drool, drool and more drool... not sure what is up with that, 2 year molars?
  • At 19 months he is a charmer, knows how to "play" us, very mischievous and is darn right hilarious!

Cheeto Snatcher

After a bath one night last week, someone was busted snatching cheetos from the snack drawer. Needless to say, the snacks are no longer in the lower drawer, I prefer not to have cheeto fingers on my furniture. Funny how the Stinker won't eat cheese but LOVES him some cheetos, if he only knew!
I brought out the chalk, nervous though because I feared all he would do was try to eat it but to my surprise he didn't once try to eat! He absolutely loved it and now trys to draw on anything and everything.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can never get enough

of Ben's sweet giggle! Ben's attitude is growing larger and larger each day, but tonight he was a sack of laughs.