Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Stretch

35 weeks in....
- - Swelling, oh the swelling. Hands, feet and ankles specifically. For sure did not happen with Ben, at least not this early on. Maybe it's this pesky thing called humidity... in March.... come on Oklahoma weather!
- - Heartburn pushed aside thanks to Prevacid
- - How much lower can this baby get?! So much different than Ben, who was all up in my ribs the last trimester
- - Craving every unhealthy food imaginable. I limit myself to a Dr. Pepper a day but honestly think I could chug them all day. Or eat the entire bag of mini oreo's.  So bizarre to me that I'm still loving chocolate milk. Pretty much every night at dinner I drink  1 or 2 large cups.
- - Little girl gets the hiccups each time after I eat and lets face it, that's alot these days, so these hiccups are getting really annoying.
- - total weight gained.... 30 lbs so far. 30 lbs was my goal for this pregnancy. failed!  I stopped going to the gym at 33 weeks, walking longer than  required is just too dang uncomfortable with her resting where she is.  I really think walking up until I did, has helped with the leg cramps, which there have been very few. 
- - Natalee is extremely active. But I'm okay with that, reassurance she is okay in there. Normally she doesn't wake up and start really moving until 8 or so (with me getting up at 5:30).  At 31 weeks, lil miss weighed in at 3.5 lbs.  She was so smushed in there, there were no good pictures snapped of her. She got an 8 out of 8 on the ultrasound testing, looking so healthy!
- - I'm still experiencing lots of braxton hicks.  If this was my 1st time around, I'd be freaking out with all these contractions, but thankfully (or not) I know what a REAL contraction feels like and it ain't these. 
hello there is a baby in my belly!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sprinkle for Natalee

With this being my 2nd child but a girl.... my friends wanted to host a "sprinkle" for me and Natalee :) My friends did a wonderful job hosting as always!  I was completely blown away by all the love for this little girl and she isn't even here yet! It was so much fun to see our closest friends and family, we are VERY thankful to have each one in our lives. We ended the night at my aunt and uncles house, where Ben and Wyatt (my cousin's little boy) had a strong man contest seeing who could lift the playhouse box the longest. It was a fantastic Saturday!

Clothesline of the sweetest clothes for Natalee from the hostesses

My family!

Me and 3 of my very best friends!

Ben with his 2nd cousins... had to bribe him with a cupcake to get him to sit still, as usual...

Natalee is one lucky lil lady!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Dear Ben - one of the good things about mommy being pregnant is my cravings.  You totally scored big time in February when I wanted Braums ice cream cone with cookies'n'cream.  It was your "treat" after dinner for a week.  You pretty much made love to the cone, as evident in the black and white picture below.... never a non-animated moment with you Beano.
For Valentine's day treats we made what you called "Huggies", so I followed and called them Huggies as well.  You were very diligent on your unwrapping of the hershey hug kisses and was a huge help for me in the kitchen.  Thanks to pinterest I made super hero valentines for your friends. We talked and talked about Valentine's day and you told us Happy Valentines day for 2 weeks after the actual holiday.  I had to switch gears and teach you about St. Patrick's Day with the purchase of some Lucky Charms :)  To no surprise, you picked out the marshmellows instantly leaving the boring cereal behind. That's my boy. 
It finally happened. I became that panicked mom.  You sucked down a lifesaver and it was stuck in your throat.  Daddy was at the Thunder game and I was there to save your life. Just kidding. Water saved your life.  You kept saying "I'm not better, it hurts, it hurts" with big crocodile tears running down your face while gagging.  I was trying to read my choking instructions while pounding your back and making you drink water.  Finally after the last big gulp, the 12 oz of water I forced down you came back up along with that pesky green lifesaver.  You now have engraved in your head that lifesavers are dangerous and you ain't getting another until you are 10 :) 
Other night while you were suppose to be going to bed, you were watching Fairly Odd Parents.  You came running into our room to tell me that Jimmy (whoever Jimmy is) said stupid.  You were so disturbed that he would dare say that word.  As I was reciting this story to Noni, you gasped at me and said "uuuummm mommy that's not a nice word".  You don't miss a thing. You hear EVERYTHING.  and REPEAT everything.

Continues to be an organizer.... all in order or else it ain't cool

Meet and greet with Spongebob and Patrick at OKC car show.