Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Little Rumbles!

The Little Rumbles took on The Tiger Kitties in the season opener!  The Little Rumbles, well, lets just say it was evident none of these babies had ever set foot in a soccer game.  It was HILARIOUS! At one point, Ben was in the middle of the field (while everyone else was down at the goal trying to score) picking his nose, like a good digging for gold pick. Then when the other team (I mean the lone superstar on the other team) would score, Ben thought he scored and would cheer.  But hey, he was having an absolute blast and that's all that matters!

And here HE is, the recruit. The kid that was groomed to destroy our babies. This is a 3-4 age group, but I think he was nearing 5. He was dribbling the ball like a freak (for the age of 4) and clearly my son was trying to take him out but instead got burned! hahahah

yay! go rumbles!

watch out opponents.... talent maybe, but adorable, YES!

the all important after game snacks with his Uncles

hustling on the field

pep talk from coach Drew

And the best for last... Ben and Elle sharing a giggle over who knows what!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

and now back the other way!

Yep,  just as I posted she couldn't roll back to her belly, she did it! Not sure who is more excited, me or her in this video :) So proud of my super star, it's hard work rolling over.  And now she constantly is trying to roll on her changing table.  Love our little rolly polly!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gets it from his mom

Bless his heart, he tries to harmonize, just can't quite get there :) Sadly, I have passed on my horrible singing trait to my son. Lately, music is a MUST in the car.  He request specific songs - knows the names by reading the screen from our dashboards. Few of his favorites are:
1. Broken Jaw by Foster the People (as performed below)
2. Houdini by FTP
3. Hey Baby by DJ Otzi
4. Carwash by Rose Royale
5. Baby by Justin Bieber
6. We found Love by Rihanna
7. Tongue Tied by Grouplove

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tardy for the (4 mo) party

I kept telling myself to do this blog post so I have it down in history for Nat, don't want to cut her short on her baby'hood stats.  So better late than never.....
By the ripe ole age of 4 months, little miss is .....
13 pounds 10 oz.
A child with teeth. Momma knows best. How I knew (besides her mouth becoming a faucet), the back of her head was always warm. No fever, just warm back of head. This same symptom occurred with Ben, wasn't really sure if it was Ben specific and maybe it's just our children specific.  Either way, it's a signal for us teeth are coming.  Natalee now has 2 bottom teeth!
A roller.  She rolled one night right before I got home from work, which Ben and Noni witnessed.  I didn't see it, so that doesn't count.  A few days later, I had the video camera out after a bath and what are the odds I captured her rolling on tape?! I couldn't believe it.  That was early August and she rolled a few times after that and now she is rolling herself over in bed.  She sleeps on her belly. gasp. yes she has since she was a newborn. And now will scream bloody murder because she can't roll herself back to her belly.  It's pretty funny and pretty not funny when you want some peace and quiet.
A giggler.  Likes to watch mommy make a fool of herself making the Teddy Grahams dance.  She was laughing and laughing at these "dancing" chocolate Teddies.  She is also amused when I hold her and we chase Ben around the house.
A toe lover.  She found her toes and hasn't let go since.  She also likes a good set of fingers in her mouth.  With this teething business, she loves to gnaw on her (or anyone else's) fingers.
A good eater.  Moving on up from 3oz to 4oz to 5oz and now at 6 oz. 
Unfortunately it appears she will not let these teeth come in easy.  As it was with Ben, teething totally throws her for a loop and our sanity leaves the house. Phew, it's rough and we have so many more to go. I have to remind myself, be thankful she is healthy and there are MUCH worse things we could be dealing with.

near impossible to get shot of the teeth, this was the 1st tooth

sadly she has outgrown the puj tub, loved that tub

on the biddy belly.... i'm talking to you giraffe!