Monday, November 28, 2011

Road Trip

Packed up for Seaworld Wednesday morning... this is how trip got started....
Then we stopped at McDonalds and Ben swiped some toys - Stir Sticks.
More Stir Stick entertainment....
Down to 1 stir stick....
That was on Wednesday on the drive down to San Antonio.  Ben did awesome.  All it took was a set of large headphone and an iPad to keep him occupied.  Took potty breaks when we stopped and he tried to have us pull over because "I need to pee in the grass, right there mommy, in the grass".  Nice try, we just stopped so I'm not falling for it. 

Friday we took a slightly shorter road trip from San Antonio to Fredericksburg to see my college roomie. We hadn't seen each other since my wedding, it was a long over due visit.  Evan has the 3 most precious girls.  Hallie (below) was just a baby at our wedding and is now 5 years old! So glad we got to sit around and catch up... just like old times hanging out in Drummond 612 :)

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