Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swingin Away

After a busy morning of cleaning out the garage and trying to eat dead beetles (yes I looked over and thankfully pulled it out), Ben got to go to his first outing at a park. John and I took him to Dolese Park where Ben went swinging, sliding down slides, and duck/geese chasing. He didn't quite know what to do when the goose had a stare off with him and continously squaked at him.

John and I for sure had a good time and I'm pretty sure Ben would say the same! Another first for Ben, SHOES. They were a tad bit large, lets hope those feet grow. Poor fella, with my size 5 foot and John's 11, the kid's large foot size doesn't look promising :)
The past 4 days Ben got 3 of his canine teeth (the fangs). We felt one on Thursday and then 2 more came over the weekend! My poor baby just doesn't get a break with these teeth, he has been teething since 4 months old and it hasn't been a pleasant teething experience to say the least.
Ben has been VERY chatty lately, these "words" are hilarious. He will go on and on saying what sounds like "i-do, i-do", cracks us up. I was in the kitchen cooking today and he comes in and sits there with his arms at me and yells "mmmaawwww"..... he wanted his milk. He is slowly learning momma and da-da. Not much else new coming from Ben's world... he will get to debut his little Stinker attire on Wednesday at my work for Devon's Spooktacular event :) Lets see if he even wears his costume, it has a head piece :)

I was trying to capture how "fall" it was out there
Yyyuuummm mulch - what else can I get in my mouth?!?

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  1. These pictures are adorable! He looks like such a happy little man. :)