Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mowing the living room

Ben is a busy man at nights now... so many toys to push around. Below are some short videos I took tonight... you can hear John in the back ground yelling at the tv (Twins game was on)... John had to take apart the mower and put weights in it so it would stay up for our little lawn boy. Might have to take the "poppers" out next :) This is how our nights usually are with Ben going from one end in the living room to the other and then over to the fireplace to find more toys! He prefers to put all toys in his mouth first (if possible) and then push them around, he loves his hammer... spent one night hitting the walls and doors. It was nice on our ears. I love this age and I love that he is getting such a distinct personality. I especially love, that he loves getting kisses :) Next we have to work on him giving kisses!


  1. OH my gosh, he's so cute and walking around! WOW. And how hilarious is your husband in the background. I love it. Videos are the best. I am so excited to keep up with you this way!

  2. Abbey I forgot to tell you congrats on your baby girl on the way!! Have you picked out a name?