Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm back as a blogger

After creating a blog when I was pregnant, then switching to shuttefly to share the million pictures of Ben, I'm back in the blogging world. (thank you Milam). I am still trying to figure out how to make my page all cute like everyone else's, I don't understand but as Milam put it, just like good ole myspace. I don't want to turn into a technology challenged mom, so I have to conquer this. I don't have an iphone and I was told by a good friend I needed to get one so I wouldn't be that dumb mom who didn't know anything. I am still holding out strong and have my trusty ole flip phone. I just don't see the need to have internet on my phone when I sit at my desk all day in front of the internet, with the exception of the blocked sites by Devon.... too much facebookers at work. Rumor was, at any given moment during work hours, there were 200 + employees on facebook alone. They blocked our social networking sites, so we will all become socially retarded now. HAH
Many more posts to come... John will be so happy I'm back on here :) I might overload with Ben pictures, he is just so darn cute I can't resist snapping 24/7.

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