Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday party, check-up and family departures

It has been quite a busy week for the Forrests. Last Sunday (9/27) we celebrated Ben's 1st birthday at my parents house...aka Grammie and Grandpa. It was obvious at the party that Ben is a very loved little boy... thanks to all my family and my girls for coming to celebrate Ben's birthday! He choose (or lets say I choose) a slight Cookie Monster theme. We ate bbq, okra and devored a YUMMY cookie monster cookie. Ben was quite shy and bit overwhelmed with everyone there. Once everyone left my little stinker-boodle came out of his shell. Got his clothes off and he was a free bird roaming with his uncle Nathan. Ben loves to be naked and he has perfected his famous pose, not sure why he loves to be so provocative!?!
Today I took him to his 12 month check up. He now weighs 21.5 lbs and is 31 inches long. Long and lankey as my doc put it. Still mommy's lil string bean.
We've had a very necessary and sad decision to make, we had to find our 1st baby, Clark the dog, a new home. He snipped at Ben and yesterday scratched his face with his paw. Ben is "baby scarface". Once Ben was on the move, Clark felt very threatened. All very scary! But Clark found a new mommy and I think he will be king of his new house. Very strange to not come home to a jumping frantic excited dog... it will take time to get use too. Worst of all, Ben for the past couple weeks has been laughing, following and talking to Clark, but we had no choice. Oh why must we think dogs are humans, makes it so much harder.
Below is what Ben has been up too.....
* Attempting to stand on his own! His crawl is very zoomy fast... no needto walk right?!?
* Walking his new truck around and discovering all his new birthday toys
* Working on getting #9 and #10 teeth
* Singing, lots of laughing and blubbering his mouth (unfortunately slobbers flies everywhere)
* LOVES to play with mommies broom and mop
* Finally his hair is coming in... part blonde and part strawberry blonde
* Lastly very curious, still sticks everything in his mouth and has learned to throw a fit!

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