Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the feet!

Ben is now officially, 100%, a walker! I know before I said he was walking, but after 1 week it has gone from a few steps to Mr. Independent Walker. After 3 months of crawling, he has finally made the jump to standing up and going. And he is going, going and going. Tonight he was even attempting to try out some running....that was ending in a face plant into our new plush CLEAN carpet :) It is strange to see him coming around the corner and there pops in our little man walking! What's even better, is he looks like a drunk man when working on his walking skills. Also he likes to clinch his right hand into a fist and hold it up, sometimes even shrugging his shoulders when walking. My lil stinkers smart ways of helping his balance :)

No real words from him yet... he did bring back his "little girl" most high pitch scream tonight. I was out cooking chicken on the grill, the back door was shut and I STILL heard it. He wanted more cereal, he was just letting John now.


  1. He is such a good little "walker". I love when he fell down in the hall at the end and kept trying to get up until her got it. So adorable.

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so excited for Ben, he is REALLY Cute! Isn't it crazy to watch them get from point A to B on their own without your help...MISS YOU!