Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Daaaa-De

Happy 29th Birthday to my most perfect adoring husband!!!! I had these fantastic plans for today for the best 29th birthday for John.... why I thought these plans would go through with without a hitch with a 13 month old, I don't know! I've learned to just let it roll on days home with Ben, can't plan ahead cause it nevers works out :) With that said, John and I did make it to our spa hour - John got an hour massage and I got a spa pedicure. Very nice and relaxing and then it was back to daycare to pick up the coughing, snotty nose, teething, scraped and bruised up Stinker. Our afternoon/evening plans will be a 50% completion - dinner at Mahogany steakhouse. The other plan, family photos which is our 4th attempt, is a no-go. I swear, Ben knows photos are coming and bangs his head on whatever he can find. At 7:30 this morning, we leave the room for 2 seconds and he knocks his cheek on a copper tub we have..... a purple/blue bruise was the result. Aarrrggg. I give up on family photos. I'm not doing a family Christmas card with a child that looks I like I have beat him up. Make up wouldn't even hide his bruise and scrape.

Happy Birthday to the best ddaaa-de and husband anyone could ask for!

Love to sit on da-de's shoulder

My boys!

You can see the new war wound on the cheek.

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