Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poo Party

I will spare you and not be posting any pictures of what happened this afternoon.  John picked up Ben after lunch today because at 3 was the Devon (my work) Halloween extravaganza.  Ben was "sleeping" and gets up at 2:30.  When I open the door to let him out, the aroma hit me like a cow patty.  Ben had taken off his diaper and marked his entire room with his poo-poo.  I'm talking ALL over. Sheets, bedspread, pillows, carpet, and books.  The poor Splish Splash book took the brunt of this party, it appeared he drop the turds on that book!!!!! I can't believe this has happened. He walks out and says to John "poo-poo room". Uumm yes you are right, it is a poo room in which you obviously had a poo poo-party in! Not to mention, it appeared he aimed straight for the bedskirt with his pee, which in turn soaked part of the mattress and box springs (the water proof mattress cover of course isn't waterproof on the side!)


  1. OMG!!! Oh don't know quite what to say. At least MOST things are washable???

  2. Yes thankfully (minus the booked used as his toilet) all have been washed... comforter is drying now. Shheezz what a mess it was!