Thursday, March 28, 2013


Talk about the shock of all shockers... a positive pregnancy test at a time in our lives when things were turned upside down. I was in denial until I saw the little bean with a flashing heartbeat at our first ultrasound.  I just wasn't have the normal morning sickness and other symptoms, so I thought I'd for sure have a miscarriage like in the past.  Especially since I hadn't been taking my folic acid supplements.  But nope, this little baby kept growing and growing.  Nat and him will be 17... 17 months apart. Deep breathes.  Funny thing is, this is not why I quit my job but what pefect timing. So here is to the 3rd and LAST pregnancy for our family.  Trust me, no more babies, it's been taken care of :) Everything looked right on track at our 12 week scan!

sorry but it's an alien baby!!

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