Monday, March 11, 2013

10 months

10 months:
- Cruising around the furniture, but still no letting go
- Favorite toys: pretend ice cream cone, play dough containers
- Foods: Still loving most any food and would prefer "real" food, not the puree food
- 1st snow:  Was dying to get outside with me and Ben.  She tasted the snow and all she needed was one taste and done.
Not too much excitement this month.  Just being an awesome happy baby. Very content.  Good sleeper. Couldn't ask for a more laid back baby girl!

Let me out in the snow!!!

Looks like one of those fishes.... and nice shot of her honkin big front teeth

Oooooo man that's cold snow

Double Trouble

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Got her favorite toy - the fake ice cream cone

Stood on own for about a millisecond

Busy pushing her baby around

Can't go wrong with Thunder shirt and Iron Man in other hand

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