Monday, March 11, 2013

Santa 2012

I'm just a tad, a tad behind.  But now that I've quit work, I have a little bit more time to update the blog.  Natalee's 1st birthday is approaching, so I'm playing catch up.  As usual we went to visit Santa at Bass Pro, because that is where he lives while not at the North Pole, duh. We will never be allowed to go elsewhere, Ben would question that too much.  I was afraid she'd freak out since she had been in her stranger danger phase, but nope, he didn't phase her one bit!

Yeah right buddy, keep wishing.

View of our tree :)... you will notice all the red balls in the lower right. Ben
helped me decorate and the balls had to be color coded into groups. Sheezz he's a doozie! 

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