Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pool opened today

The title of this post, might have had you thinking we went to a pool that is cleaned with chlorine... but wrong. The Forrest style, backyard "bathtub" (as Ben called it), $15 Walmart bargain was purchased today. We debated on upgrading to the $30 one with the slide but -
1. John would have had to walk home with it along 15th St,...Wallies is just around the corner from us
2.   With me being the genius that I am, screw the upgrade, we have our own slide at home
I think our decision this year on the hard plastic will be money well spent over the annoying blow up plastic ones we've tried in the past.  I tested it out while Ben napped and throughly enjoyed it .  Ben obviously had a hay-day this afternoon with his naked self swimmin.  His words - "yay, summertime, pool..."!

Look at that smirk.. so ornery!!

here it is in action - SHOOSH.

I think I have the whitest caucasian child on the planet!

Always gotta see his foot steps and hand prints

Going up the "big" slide... star for his privacy :)
That's right, this is the 2011 edition of the Forrest pool,
bonus slide added this year!

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