Monday, May 9, 2011

Field Party

Spur of the moment on Friday night, we ended up in Logan county on 160 acres fishing, cookin dogs and just enjoying nature.  This land belongs to my parent's neighbors and we tagged along for the evening. Ben got his 1st taste of fishing, as with most things, it lasted all of about 5 mintues and he was on to the next activity. He wanted to hang with the big boys (teenagers), it was pretty cute as he'd follow them around.  Ben has reached the stage of "that's scary"... he was scared of the fire pit? Goof has been around fireplaces all winter but the open flame freaked him out. He was into eating the marshmellows but not so much actually making smores. He greeted everyone with his "Hello There!", tooted away the evening (he's had a case of the stomach weirdness going around) and entertained all with his attitude. We throughly enjoyed our random night in the field!
"no way mommy.. no way!" hates to have pic taken but LOVES
 to look at himself on the LCD screen

"Ssshhooo-weee, skunky fish"

hey guys... can I play?

"sit right here"... we hear this ALOT when he
refuses to do something

Learned how to put keys in and start, YIKES!

Fishin with DAD

DAD casting his reel

entrance to land

"Don't Push MY Buttons" - sums up our Beano!

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