Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Demo weekend

"What a beautiful formal living...(minus the apalling window treatments)"  we thought as we came across this listing picture for a home we liked... too bad this was a psych out picture....

Because a little marketing birdy did some photoshopping, this is what the floors really looked like..

It was way worse in person. What to blame - the 500 year flood from last summer.  This was the deal breaker on the house, we feared this wasn't just this damage, but also water in the ducts.  Camera scope put our fears at ease, clean ducts. This was a week before we were suppose to close. Fast forward to now, we.... meaning John (I tried but decided to mop the rest of the house instead).... has ripped up the floors, all 100 layers of it.  Someone's hamstrings are stinging, so my handyman is slowing down but almost done getting the plywood boards up.  Carpet is going down in here and this will be our main living room.  I love the look and easiness of hardwood floors but carpet is so much softer on the toosh... and cheaper :) 

Our family photo is really making this room feel so homey :) I had to put it somewhere for now.  Not only were there horrendous window treatments in there but the dining room might take the cake.  I will save that room for another post and sorry if I offended anyone's taste of curtains!

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