Saturday, October 27, 2012

5/6 month combo

Natalee is 6 months - I will say that was the fastest 6 months! She is at the best stage of a baby, in my opinion, the golden months of sitting up, non-mobile and so happy. I failed to do a 5 month update, so here we are doing a combo of 5/6 months. 
6 months she weighed in at 15lbs, 12 oz and 26 inches long.
Sitting up - at 5 1/2  months she conquered this feat! she worked hard to get the perfect balance of not falling forward and back. 
Jumper - little lady gets feisty in her jumper! man, you put her in there and she goes to town bouncing and jumping all over.  it's hilarious because once she gets tired, she'll slow down and then eventually "rock" herself, going slowly side to side.
Food - uuuummm not so much! But just this week, Noni whipped up some carrots for her and she liked those.  Loves her bottles.
Rolling - Diaper changes, it's a game... for her. How fast can she turn over while on the changing pad. She grunts and grunts, flips herself over and is so proud.  If you lay her on her back, instantly she rolls to her belly, which leads to my next topic...
Crawling - No, she isn't crawling but kinda.  She gets herself from point A to point B.  Nat will get her knees up under her and launch herself forward, so you can kinda say it's a starting point of a "crawl".
 Smiles - What puts a smile on her face.... the sound of your tongue making a "tock" in your mouth and doing it to make a tune. She loves when I do this or when I sing the Elmo theme song.  Loves for me to hold her and chase brother around, she'll start laughing hysterically.  Really anything Ben does, she laughs at.  She really appreciates a good old fashion episode of Tom and Jerry and also a few shows on the baby first club.  A remote control is usually what she goes after, if it's in her reach.  Also, loves big people cups - she tries to lean forward and drink from your cup if it's in your hands.
Frowns - hello stranger danger.  we've never dealt with this, so it's new territory.  she is wary of men especially.  loud noises will upset her, but over the past month she has gotten better.  not much else.... at this age, she is normally pretty happy and content.
Natalee continues to be a great sleeper. No more teeth but the faucet is still turned on. She starts daycare next week and I know she is going to love it (hopefully).  She'll be in heaven watching the other kids. Natalee is paci-FREE! By no means were we trying to make her quit it (shoot I didn't mind, it kept her quiet :)), she all the sudden said peace out and hello fingers. Woo hoo!

No baby was harmed during this :) She was lovin brother pulling her on the carpet

Uummm, how old am I.... oh yes, 5 months

wwhhoooaa what is this?!

Pillow is not longer needed, this was an initial jumping episode

yep... again, flippin me the bird

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